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Nordic Tug Fleet List Announcement

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Nordic Tug Fleet List Announcement

Postby Sharon Robertson » Mon Dec 05, 2016 4:43 pm

The announcement below was posted on the Sentoa listserver related to the ownership of the owners fleet list. If you are a Nordic Tug owner you should be listed on the fleet list. Please confirm the accuracy of your information.

Dear SENTOA Listserver Subscribers,

As many of you know, Charlie Billings, owner of NOBSKA (32-057) was the Editor of the Nordic Tug Newsletter from 2006 until the final issue in 2012. The newsletter was continuously published from 1981 until 2012 and mailed via the U.S. Postal Service to subscribers. It ceased publication because of the multiple Nordic Tug owners association websites that fulfilled the same purpose. All of the back issue are available to read or download on nordictugowners.com if you are interested.

The Newsletter also included a Fleet List of the Nordic Tug owners. Charlie has continued to maintain the Fleet List which is also published on the nordictugowners.com website. It is no easy task, believe me, to try to keep up with all of the transfers of ownership of used Nordic Tugs and to ferret out the owners of new tugs. Charlie has done a terrific job for the past 10 years and deserves a big round of applause. If you run into him, be sure to give him your thanks.

Time has come for the torch to be passed to a new keeper of the Fleet List. Ron Matuska, owner of ADAGIO (34-318), graciously volunteered to take over the maintenance of the owner database; clearly he didn’t know what he was getting into. Thinking quickly, Charlie accepted Ron’s proposal and then weighed anchor in NOBSKA for parts unknown.

Ron has been diligently trying to confirm and update much of the information in the database, comparing it to Coast Guard registrations, factory records and Charlie’s and my fading memories. The latest version of the Fleet List is posted on nordictugowners.com. There are three versions: sorted by hull number, sorted by tug name, and sorted by location. Ron has requested SENTOA Listserver subscribers to take a few minutes and look closely at the Fleet List.

1. If you are a current owner, please confirm that the information about the Nordic Tug you own is correct.

2. If you are a former owner, please check to see if the tug you previously owned is listed with the new owner.

3. If you are a Nordic Tug dealer or broker, check to see if you can fill in any of the unknown owners.

4. Everyone, look up all of your Nordic Tug owning friends and see if their information is correct.

If you have any corrections to the Fleet List, send them to Ron at ramatuska@gmail.com. Ron is also interested in rumors like, “Oh, I think that tug was confiscated by the IRS” or “I’m pretty sure they got divorced but I don’t know who has custody of the tug”. Send these comments also to Ron. He enjoys playing detective.

Thanks for your help, thanks again to Charlie (I think he snuck back to the dock) and thanks to Ron!

Herb Nickles

SENTOA List Server Administrator
Sharon Robertson
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